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What is an RSS Newsfeed?

An RSS newsfeed delivers news directly to your computer when the news breaks.

Before RSS, to read news on a Web site you had to visit the Web site, find the news, and then read it by clicking a link. If you read the news regularly, you had to visit the site over and over again--and hope you didn't miss the latest news.

Today, with RSS, a newsreader on your computer--like one you can find on this list of RSS newsreaders--automatically connects to a Web site, finds the most recent news, and downloads it automatically to your computer. You get up-to-the-minute news and can read that news anytime.

RSS Newsfeeds are marked with an RSS Newsfeed icon.

This is a sample RSS Newsfeed icon: RSS XML newsfeed.

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How do I subscribe to an RSS newsfeed?

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