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Industry preys on Alabamians

Payday lenders hope to return in Georgia

Payday lenders, state reach deal on curbing fees

Boost or burden? Proposed law to control payday lending

House, Senate lawmakers agree on payday loan restrictions

Payday loan regulation bill passes Senate

Payday lenders to reform policies

Payday loan companies agree to cease lawful debt collection in West Virginia

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2006 in review: EZCORP

2006 in review: Cash America

Widen payday loan limits

Jones defends cash advance businesses

Illinois' payday loan problem is far from over

Critics want to curb payday loans

Who would span the payday lending gap?

Montana officials push for more 'payday' loan regulation: industry protests

Payday Mayday: The law should treat adults as adults

Regulate, don't ban, state's payday lenders

Legislator targets payday lenders

Lawmakers urge payday loan alternatives

Extend loan interest cap to all, lawmaker says

Payday loan profits may be limited

Payday loan measure killed in committee

FiSCA press release blasts CRL study critical of payday loan industry

Avoid the loan sharks

'Marketplace' on payday loans: 'Trapped in Financial Quicksand'

Payday loans have pitfalls

Report blasts payday lenders

'Dan Rather Reports' criticizes payday loan industry

Organization cites payday lender actions

Payday loan limits are long past due

Oregon: Report sparks interest in tightening payday loan rules

South Dakota senator wants second look at payday loan cap

Dollar Financial acquires 23 Florida payday loan stores

Payday lenders face calls for increased legislation

Ohio credit unions provide alternative to payday lenders

Predatory loans rob from the poor

Arkansas fines payday lender $173,050

Credit union offers payday lending alternative

The truth behind payday loans

Internet payday lenders targeted

Professors' research sparks payday loan reforms

Hot line helps Tucsonans avoid predatory lenders

Illinois fines payday lenders $500,000 in 10 months

Blagojevich's payday lending reforms save Illinois borrowers $6.4 million

Credit unions find niches

State's only payday lender leaves the area

Oklahoma consumers warned about solicitations for online loans

Credit union to offer cheaper alternative to payday loans

PLS payday loan store donates $18,000 to schools

Advance America gives $50,000 to United Way to fund financial literacy programs

President caps payday loan rates to military personnel at 36 percent

Limit need, not loan shops

Retired colonel slams Barron, loan business

Payday loan firms feeling the pinch

Virginia delegates push payday loan reforms

Banks waver, CUs step up with payday loan choices

Arkansas delegation supports payday loan interest cap

Payday lending cultivates legislative support for comeback

Davis now supports loan caps

Payday loan industry grows in state

Advocacy group wants more limits on payday loan establishments

Advance America to stop providing payday loans to military personnel

Columnist revisits state's payday loan policy

The Payday Mayday: Faith communities join to curb predator practices

Lawmakers agree on 36 percent payday loan cap

Congressman Davis touts his payday loan proposal

Cash America clicks with payday loans

Breaking the cycle of the payday loan 'trap'

Cash America completes acquisition of CashNetUSA

Senators consider payday loan limits, criticize industry

Credit unions offer payday loan alternative

Testimony: Defense Department predatory lending report seriously flawed

Loan disagreement

Barron touts reform of payday loan industry

Keeping poor people in their place

Payday lender plan could nix profit from military

Military looks to change laws regarding payday loans

Governor puts end to payday lending operations in nursing homes

Advance America buying back stock

On payday, many GIs pay back

[Press Release] - TranDotCom Solutions prepares for continued growth by strengthening its management team

Payday lenders easy to find

California Department of Corporations orders online payday loan stores to stop lending in state

Legislature should look at payday industry

Talent renews push for cap on payday loan interest rates

Lending the poor a helping hand

Governor Blagojevich calls on Congress to pass federal payday lending protections for military personnel

Utah lawmakers consider limiting payday loans to military

Payday lenders target young military families

Loan shops cash in on the suburbs

Military wants to crack down on payday lenders

Weekend payday-loan measure fails

Pentagon sees risk in troops' loan debt

Court wacks payday-loan rules

Save military, civilians from onslaught of predatory lenders

ACE Cash Express Q4 profit rises on higher revenues

First Cash announces acquisition of Buy-Here/Pay-Here automotive retailer

New state laws regulate payday-advance loans

Turning payday into profit

Payday loan company pays more than $500,000 in back wages to 900 workers

Mesa plan to restrict payday loan stores cited as racism

Payday lender Check 'N Go faces license revocation, fines

Bay Area check casher moves to Miami

State regulators start proceedings against payday lender

Advance America increases stock repurchase program

Pentagon backs effort to cap interest rate on 'payday loans'

Virginia trying to set spending limits

New Jersey Supremes Rule Against Class Action Waivers In Binding Arbitration Clause

State promoting alternatives to payday loans

Keizer will await 2007 payday-loan law

Payday loan rate cap aims to help service members

Commander's Corner: Shipmates can prevent indebtedness, alcohol-related incidents

Lawmaker takes interest in car-title, payday loans

'Payday' loans become target in Washington

Lockyer sues pay day loan company over small claims

California payday loan firm faces charges

Military payday loans

California Attorney General Lockyer files lawsuit against payday loan business

Local payday lender allowed to collect loans

Oregon Governor promotes consumer-friendly payday loan alternatives

Advance America retreats

Cash America announces a 58 percent increase in year-over-year Q2 net income

Advance America announces results of second quarter

EZCORP payday loan revenue up 78 percent, raises 2006 guidance

Payday loan perils

Payday loans aren't the answer to financial woes

Republic Bancorp profits decline 28 percent, still 'solid'

Tale of Alabama man's payday lending schemes: Meet John Gill, Jr.

Payday loan company shuts doors in Mountain Home

Florida files suit to open EZPawn's records

Lenders cashing in on short-term loans

Consider options before going to a payday lender

One family shows there is a way out from the payday loan cycle

Lawmakers work to make payday loans more manageable

Payday loan crackdown blocked: Panel says Blagojevich aide politicizing issue

Cash America Buys CashNet

Military personnel prime targets for loans

John Edwards: stop predatory lenders

Illinois State: Fine AmeriCash for alleged overcharges

Regulating consumer loans: An unjust assault on payday loan industry

We owe more thought to payday loan issue

Payday lending: Group calls for increased regulation

Arkansas payday lender keeps stores open

Payday lenders look for ways around cap

Payday-loan rules provide break

Blagojevich turns up heat on payday lenders again

Payday lenders reinventing business model to skirt state law, opponent says

Some overuse bank overdraft programs

Critics say high-price 'Choice' loan is still illegal

Advance America Cash Advance Centers upgraded to 'market outperform'

The loan peddlers

Regulate payday loans

Working poor at risk in the market place

Targeting predator lenders

The payday loan trap

Forgive us our debts

Industry leaders, consumer advocates to meet about payday loans

Navy preying on predatory lenders

Oregon City officials look to set limits on payday loans

GAO: Military Disciplinary Board might have prevented payday loan ripoff

Payday lenders say they offer a way out

Protesters target local loan businesses

House bill proposes new short-term loan

Group to protest payday loans

Payday lenders win one in court

New Mexico puts the brakes on new payday loan licenses

Virginia payday loan reform is past due

AG sues loan company, citing sky-high lending rates

Payday loaning draws outrage at panel hearing

Service members called vulnerable

State sues El Paso payday lender, claims loan shark operation

Legislature must set cap on payday loans

Putting the brakes on payday loans

Keep lid on payday loans

Judges won't hear payday loan cases

Two convicted in payday loan cases

New Mexico rules to cap payday loan fees

Norfolk aims to curb number of payday lenders

Alternatives to small, short-term loans are available

Short-term payday loans do a booming business in N.H.

Documents containing personal info found outside payday loan business

LeadClick Media says payday loan leads business is booming

Payday-loan controls nixed

Payday-lending reform bill is next to useless

Industry to fight payday loan limits

Consumer Federation of America launches payday loan information website

Payday lending now has 1 billion dollar foothold in Virginia

Industry to fight payday loan limits

Motivations questioned in payday-loan vote

Payday loan regulations win final approval

Payday loan reform heats up

Group asks for strong payday loan law or nothing at all

Payday loans under fire for high interest charges

Payday loan regulations stalled in Madison

ACORN turns up the heat on Money Mart

State revokes licenses

New rules seek to reform small loans

Payday loan company makes travel donations to group chaired by Richardson

My Payday Loan survey shows customers are happy about payday loans

Loans that come easy can go bad fast

S.C. must rein in payday lenders before they run over state's consumers

Nation's largest payday lender looks at possibly pulling out of Arkansas

Advance America to stop operations in Arkansas

Payday loans gaining popularity

Payday loan survey raises questions: What does 'middle-income' mean?

Payday lenders cost state's poor million a year, coalition says

Who watches lenders?

BankWest pulls out; Advance America to cease payday loan ops in Pennsylvania

Payday lenders gone, not demand: Finance companies, banks vying to fill void when people seek cash

Quick cash lashes borrowers

Loan Shark of the Year award given

Republic Bank ending payday loan business

Three NC payday lenders agree to close, nearly drying up industry

Reformers take aim at payday loan rates

Tsosie filibusters payday loan bill

First Bank of Delaware to end 'payday' loans

Military loses to payday lenders

Report offers boost for payday-loan industry

Payday-lending bill is pulled

Payday loan bill revised

Payday loan law put on hold

House approves bill to regulate payday lending

Interest grows in payday loan companies populating Poconos

Customer warns: 'These places are back breakers'

Toll taken by payday loans gets attention from military

Military calls for more restrictions on payday lenders

House committee endorses payday loan plan

Cash advance to computer upgrades

US troops screwed by loan shark companies

This opinion brought to you by...

Every day's a payday: Can San Francisco control legal loan-sharking?

Payday loan customers getting older

Payday-loan repeal sought

Bills to rein in payday loans surface in Pierre

Fall victim finds financial relief with a lawsuit loan

Catholic leaders call payday loan outfits 'predatory', ask for interest rate caps

Alternatives to high interest payday loans are viable and Operating rent-a-banks help lenders skirt Arkansas law

Legislators eye short-term lending: Payday loan companies might see limits

Witnesses call for lending limits

Payday-loan businesses still operate

Lenders cash in

Advance America Cash Advance 'market perform,' estimates reduced

Personal injury cash advance helps auto accident victim

Cash Advance's loans in N.C. ruled illegal

Arizona payday loan stores face restrictions

Pennsylvania lawsuit over payday lending seeks reimbursement for thousands

Illinois issues fines under new payday loan law

Las Vegas Valley payday loan stores face checks, balances

Oregon payday loan shops under fire from officials

Indian Affairs Committee panel proposes payday-loan limit


Interview with David Farias - Founder,

Interview with Pete Kowenhoven - Special Agent, FBI

Interview with Dr. Tom Lehman - Author of 'In Defense of Payday Lending'

Interview with Bill McCloskey - Email Data Source President and CEO

Interview with Jackie Bates and Ernie St. Gelais - LinkConnector Representatives

Interview with Trent Sorbe - FCF President

Interview with Greg Fay - Payday Loan Store Owner

Five Short Affiliate Marketing Company Interviews

Interview with Lawrence Meyers - Ex-Motley Fool Writer and Current Payday Loan Industry Financier

Interview with JJ Selmon - Payday Loan Company LoanMax's 'Sit In' Protest

Interview with Industry Experts from

Podcast Archive

New Mexico Payday Loan Regulation

Payday Loan Store Allegedly Mishandles Personal Documents and Two Payday Loan Store Owners Convicted

Independent Review of RapidMONEYLoan

What's Happened With Payday Loans in Oregon? Press Releases announces December 2006/January 2007 metrics

Payday loan industry podcast interview invitation at announces October/November 2006 metrics announces August/September 2006 metrics announces June/July 2006 metrics

PLIWatch interviews Summit attendees about payday loan industry advertising practices

PLIWatch invited to Affiliate Summit 2006 as Press

Payday loan industry podcast interview invitation at


Review of WeGiveCash

Review of 123onlinecash

Review of RapidMONEYLoan

Reviews Archive


What is a payday loan?

Who can get a payday loan?

How do payday loan companies qualify a borrower?

What is the best kind of payday loan?

How much more expensive is a payday loan than other credit?

How are payday loan companies different from other lenders?

How are payday loan companies regulated?

How do payday loan companies make money?

How do I make a complaint about a payday loan company?


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Interview with David Farias - Founder,
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Interview with Pete Kowenhoven - Special Agent, FBI
Interview with Dr. Tom Lehman - Author of 'In Defense of Payday Lending'
Interview with Bill McCloskey - Email Data Source President and CEO
News News page.
Industry preys on Alabamians
March 19 - Montgomery, Alabama - Starting later this year, payday lenders who prey on the working poor in Alabama, charging unconscionable interest rates of 450 percent or more, won't be able to do so for those Alabamians who serve in the military.

Payday lenders hope to return in Georgia
March 18 - Atlanta, Georgia - When the Georgia General Assembly opened for business in January, representatives of the payday lending industry walked in the Capitol's door, eager for another battle. . . . the return to Georgia was a bold move.

Payday lenders, state reach deal on curbing fees
March 18 - Phoenix, Arizona - The state's payday lenders have agreed to sharp new curbs on their practices and fees in exchange for ensuring they are not forced out of business in three years.

Proposed law to control payday lending - [March 18]
House, Senate lawmakers agree on payday loan restrictions - [March 16]
Payday loan regulation bill passes Senate - [March 16]
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